The Glorious Mysteries

  1. The Resurrection (Matthew: 28-1-10)

After the Sabbath rest, early on Sunday morning, Mary Magdalen and other women went to Jesus’ tomb.  However, the stone was rolled away and an angel greeted them.  “You are seeking the living among the dead.  He is not here.”

The women were frightened but filled with joy.  As they returned home, Jesus came to them and said, “Go and tell my disciples to meet me in Galilee.”  After this, Jesus appeared many times to his disciples, to prove that he was alive and to instruct them about their future work.

  1. Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven (Luke 24:50-53)

For the next 40 days, Jesus constantly appeared to his disciples.  On one occasion, he came to 500 of them gathered together.  He also came to Peter, to the two disciples, to the 11 apostles in the Upper Room, to Thomas (who doubted at first) and to many others.

His final appearance came at Bethany.  As they looked on, Jesus was taken up to heaven.  An angel appeared to the disciples saying, “Why are you still looking up to heaven?  Jesus will return to earth the same ways you saw him go up.”  They returned to Jerusalem and waited for the Holy Spirit whom Jesus had promised to send.

  1. The Sending of the Spirit (Acts of Apostles 2:1-4)

For 9 days, the 120 disciples gathered with Mary, Jesus’ mother, in the Upper Room.  On the 10th day, (Pentecost – 50 days after Easter), there came a noise like a strong driving wind.  A fire appeared and it separated into tongues of fire that settled upon the disciples’ heads.  They all received the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different languages. 

Soon a large crowd gathered.  Peter explained to them that the people had made a mistake in crucifying Jesus.   However, they could receive Jesus’ Spirit by being sorry for their sins and by being baptized. 

3000  people were baptized.  On this day, the Catholic Church was born.

  1. The Assumption of Mary

At the cross, Jesus asked the Beloved Disciples to care for his mother.  At the end of Mary’s life, she, the Beloved Disciple, and many others formed a Catholic community in Ephesus.

When Mary came to the end of her life, (we are not sure if she died or not), Jesus took her body and soul directly into heaven.  We know the exact house in which this happened (you must visit Ephesus some day).

What Jesus did for Mary, he will also do for you.  At the end of the world, He will take you, body and soul, into heaven.

20        Mary is Queen of Heaven and Earth (Revelation 12:1)

Mary is God’s greatest creature.  She is even above all the angels.  When she got to heaven, she was made the queen.  The Beloved Disciple wrote that she is the “Woman Clothed With the Sun with the moon under her feet and with a crown of twelve stairs.”

As Queen of Heaven and Earth, God gives her all power to help us.  That is why we say the Hail Mary.

I hope you enjoyed these 20 mystery stories.  Say one mystery before supper and one mystery after supper.