Weng of Mandaue City, Cebu

I did not tell Gigi @Snowy Salas Herana nor sis Gilette about the presence of Mama Mary from vigil praying the rosary/2000 Hail Mary’s that started Sept 7 till end of mass on Sept 8. I patiently attended that day. I can’t stop but continued till the end of mass without any words to say cz my tears are coming down non stop. I just tell you now that during vigil till end of the mass I smelled again Mama Mary’s flowers, the smell which I cannot explain, humot gyud na sya kanunay. Been smelling that flower since I was in grade 3, in my hsptl bed @Davao Doctor’s Hspt, Where dra Cabrera (my pedia) gitaningan na akong life in 24 hrs bcz of severe Rhuematic heart disease. First time to encounter a beautiful Lady in a beautiful garden wearing white dress with a flaming heart and blue tasle in her waist. It was Our Lady of Lourdes cz we have a big statue of her in our house in Davao but the one i saw was with Flaming heart (her Immaculate Heart). You can’t see a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes with flaming heart but I saw her when I was in coma, at her back was a young man wearing white robe, I knew it was JESUS. Mama Mary embraced me and Jesus smiled at me. That was the time I woke up in coma and went home alive. ❤️ That distinguish smell I cannot forget bcz everytime I am sick and down that smell is always coming back since I was in grade 3, even attending a retreat with Venezuelan Vissionary Juan Antonio Gil with fr Jose Manuel Brito twice in STC CEBU and even during my trip to Holy Land that scent of flowers was there surrounding us all pilgrims. ❤️ Please continue praying her rosary for when we pray in our heart she is with us. She never fail me and us. I always ask her to whisper her son, JESUS CHRIST to save me every danger in my life. Jesus saved me not once but several times in my 53 yrs of existence in this world and still continue to save me so with my children and husband. God bless us and Ave Maria! ❤️?❤️


Ann Gantuangco, NCR-Luzon

Morning Everyone!

Blessed Tuesday to all??♥️??

I was moved by the reflection of Fr. Ariel this morning. I am a living example of God’s gift of wisdom and discernment. I remember in one of Fr. Ariel’s teachings, I was new then in FOL community. He shared about his personal interaction with God . That in his visit to the blessed sacrament he will just close his eyes and wait for God to speak to him. At first he fell asleep but as the days gone by he can already hear God’s whisper in his heart. When I hear of that. Ginaya ko po si Father. As soon as the church was allowed to open. After my church service I stayed longer in the blessed sacrament ( before I used to pray lng then leave right away) . I closed my eyes patiently waited for God to come to my heart. Prayed unceasingly that HE WILL COME. But I can only hear my voice in my mind. I visited HiM again and again . Wala pa rin. Tapos nag ECQ na naman. But I did not give up. I just continued to pray with you all with the desire that one day maririnig ko na siya. A week before the September 8 celebration. Fr. Ariel message me of his intention to organize FOL LUZON and asked me to be one of the coordinators. I humbly said YES kahit di ko alam pano maging coordinator. One morning HE asked me to lead the final prayers. It was then that I heared not only God but Mama Mary spoked to me with a soft beautiful and angelic voice . Tumutulo po ang luha ko as I was praying the CONSECRATION TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN. Ngayon naririnig ko na ang whispers ni God. I can slowly balance to discern who is right and what is right. IM STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS. I KNOW IN MY HEART NA HINDI PO AKO KARAPAT DAPAT NA MAGTULOY SA DIYOS NGUNIT SA ISANG SALITA NIYA LANG AY GAGALING NA AKO. I AM NOT WORTHY TO RECEIVE HIM UNDER MY ROOF BUT ONLY SAY THE WORD AND I SHALL BE HEALED.


Libie Ann of Talamban, Cebu City, Cebu

TESTIMONY OF MIRACLE by Libie Ann of Talamban, Cebu City, Cebu Philippines 6014.
Today May 19, 2021 I am finally discharged at Perpetual  Succour Hospital. I was admitted here last May 14, 2021 because of my intermittent diarrhea discharging more liquid than stool and of the result of my Ultrasound which was alarming as per my endocrinologist. Stones were found in both kidneys and most especially since my left kidney has a stone that has obstructed the kidney. Hearing this news weakened me physically for I knew I had to undergo another procedure to remove the obstructive stone in my left kidney. (This left kidney is the same kidney that underwent a surgical operation last year 2000 wherein the kidney was opened and staghorn calculis were taken out of the kidney and in the process of the operation it was seen that due to inflammation and Pus, my intestine that was already sticking with the left kidney was torn apart as the urologist tried to part the 2 sticking organs.) While I was preparing for my things and documents to be brought to the hospital, I prayed hard and fervently asked Our Divine healer, Jesus Christ,  the Divine Mercy with the intercession of our Blessed Mother, through the Flame of love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Spiritual Father, St. Joseph, and St. Rita, the St. of the Impossible to heal me and that I will not undergo another procedure for fear of any complications in the course of the procedure.

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My FOL Testimony

It is My Devotion to Jesus and Mary that healed my family spiritually. Now we have a better outlook in life. Life was so dark and chaotic, full of hatred and anger before. We learned to forgive those who cause us deep pain in our hearts. We thought life will still be the same. But God is loving and merciful. He arranged everything in order in our family in HIS own perfect time. And HIS time is INDEED PERFECT. The hatred, anger, chaos now turn to peace, light and love for each other. For me this is an amazing miracle that happened in my life or our life even until today.
People surrounding us, close friends, relatives are the living witnesses of His great miracles in our family. Even I, personally, He had changed me to become a better person. He changed my hardened heart too. He had changed me and continued doing it so … Because I am asking it everyday to purify my hearts and lead me to the road of Holiness. My struggle is really really real. The more I try to become prayerful, the more I feel how sinner I am. It is my faith that I hold on. I never give up. What I am now and what you are now is a MIRACLE. So everyday is a Miracle. I am very thankful that I am into this Flame of Love Devotion. It helps me sustain my everyday life because I ask Jesus and Mary to blind the enemy. And it is really working and effective. Just have faith. Faith is believing the UNSEEN. Now I have all the guts to do what He wanted me to do and accomplish. This is my weapon now, my devotion to the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who is Jesus Christ Himself.


Libie Ann from Talamban, Cebu

My Testimony on Flame of Love Miracle
Each one of us have faced a lot of trials and challenges in our earthly life. For me, I have been tested a lot of times from marital, emotional, work/job related & physical trials. All these I had to bear and won over because I have been so dependent on my love to the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

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Fr. Ariel Arias SDB from Davao City

It has been observed that more souls of the departed were manifesting and making known their intentions and requests for prayers…the praying of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Rosary. This is something that we all should be happy about.
Yesterday, i was informed that a soul, a foreigner had requested the same. He even wanted to have his wife be informed that he also wanted to have Catholic Masses offered for his soul for 2 years…. Another request came for a soul of certain Hubert, believed to be a brother or a priest. This is something truly great…

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Sapphire Martin to Analie Dael from Davao

“This works also in relationships,it happened in my family only last June when I decided to pray the FOL seriously allowing Jesus and Mama Mary to purify me inspite of pains and hardships of letting go of self-righteousness.. Some earthly things. Someone who is not for me and the memories which I thought that will help me grow in this journey. Aside of what happened to the soul of uncle Edgar which was really a miracle for me…Jesus and Mama Mary poured so much grace in our family last June this year, first the wedding of my sister last June 29..

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Remme Ann from Talamban, Cebu City

I am Remme Ann and my husband and I would like to share with you the miracle that happened to my father in law, Gerardo Onez. He has been confined at Mendero Hospital for almost two weeks now, for chest pain. He was taking chemotherapy drugs for a cancerous cyst under his tongue. He is 75yrs old and physically weak after his first stroke two years before. The meds he took for two weeks shrunk the cyst but compromised his health. Due to severe lack of proper nourishment, he was rushed to Mendero for severe chest pain. His platelet count went down to 40 where the normal count was 150. He was transfused with 2 bags of B+ blood. He slowly recovered but had difficulty breathing. He was on oxygen support since day 1.

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